About Sutors’ Hauf

Sutors’ Hauf (Sutors’ Half) is the name given to No.5 Society St Fishertown after renovation in 2015 when the house split into 2 smaller dwellings. Typical of many houses in Fishertown, 5 Society St had been in the Ellen family, a fishing family for generations. .  The name ‘Sutors’ comes from the nickname given to David Main Ellen.  He lived in the right hand half of the house, next door to his aunt.
The nickname came about after he decided to swim across the Moray firth which is a remarkable feat considering the Firth, though sheltered has some strong currents. Opposite Nairn, some 8 miles away, the entrance to the Cromarty Firth is guarded by a hill on either side, known as the Sutors of Cromarty.

Sutors“, having reached the mouth of the Cromarty Firth, in the water between the Sutors of Cromarty, spotted one of the Nairn fishing boats and casually swam up along side to say hello.  Naturally the Fisherman was rather surprised to see his friend and neighbour bobbing up and down in the Firth and offered him a lift home. The nickname “Sutors” stayed with him from then on.

Unusually, 5 Society St remained ‘unmodernised’ until 2015,adding the house’s first toilet and shower in the old scullery and integrating the new kitchen into the living room. An original Edwardian fireplace was also uncovered and restored and much of the original lime plasterwork was also uncovered and restored to it’s former glory.